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Solar PV Opportunity - Yes - Opportunity!

Dear Solar Enthusiasts,

If you’ve read my blog you know that I take a very firm stance on the value of solar PV in Canada and the Ontario FIT program. There are still a lot of people blowing a lot of smoke about solar PV and this will continue, but, I’m happy to say that I’ve found a solar PV application that I have tested and am excited about.

One of my main concerns with solar PV is that: because all of our Wind and PV power needs to be backed up by fossil fuel sources to ensure that we have a steady stream of power, the advertised environmental benefit is grossly over stated. That being said solar will definitely continue to be a part of our energy mix as we improve upon SMART grid applications and our ability to store electrical energy improves. The missing link in electrical energy generation and renewables  remains viable (cost effective, dependable, environmentally-benign) energy storage.

The solution to our current predicament is to find applications where we can exclusively use solar and take electricity consuming items off the grid so that no fossil fuels need be consumed to provide backup. This is not a solution to the solar markets woes but it is a huge step in the right direction.

One of the largest energy consumers in a home with a swimming pool is the pool's pump. Until recently the economics of powering a pool pump with solar PV made doing it impractical. However: the price of electricity is on the rise for the at least next ten to fifteen years; time of use electrical pricing is now in place; swimming pool owners have to run their pumps during the day; the costs of solar electric systems have come down; and the fact that solar power can be relied upon to FULLY take a seasonal outdoor swimming pool pump off the grid - the economic viability has become very practical!

Solar Powered pool pumps are independent of the FIT program which means there is a lot less bureaucracy and tax payers are not subsidizing the cost. Anyone with enough roof space (and only a small amount is required) can take part and the cost of these systems is a fraction of the cost of a FIT system, so they are not exclusively for those that are far better off.

With an ROI opportunity better than the MicroFIT program (Pre August 26, 2013 and especially post August 26, 2013) we expect to see solar powered pool pumps spreading across Ontario & Canada. With over 700,000 swimming pools across Canada there is a lot of potential to help individuals and our communities reduce their electricity consumption, save money and reduce climate changing gas emissions.

As we believe in this solar application, a division has been created within Solar Ontario called Solar Pumps Canada. Solar Pumps Canada is now the distributor of LORENTZ solar powered pool pumps. With these solar powered pumps we can take one of the largest energy consuming household items off the grid during peak demand periods in the summer. You, the consumer, will save $500-$1,000 a year at current electricity prices.

Interested in becoming a dealer of solar powered pumps in Canada?