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Service & Maintenance

Solar Ontario is able to draw upon its extensive experience and knowledge, and is proud to offer services covering all facets of the solar related industry.  From large public works projects to backyard swimming pools, Solar Ontario is able to provide unique insight on projects of all scales, importantly, with specific knowledge of the Southern Ontario region. 


Solar Ontario is does its own installation work. We specialize in installing solar pool heating systems and solar domestic water preheating systems. We also install larger systems, although this is a small segment of the market at this time.

 Our installers are well trained and experienced. Mr. McKegney, the general manager of  Solar Ontario, recently finished rewriting and illustrating the majority of CanSIA's new solar Domestic Hot Water Installation Manual. With over 890 installations to date, our projects have a proven track record of reliability and durabilitiy.

Outdoor solar pool heating systems are normally installed using PVC piping which is cut and glued. Domestic water heating systems are often installed using copper piping that is joined using compression fittings or soldered, although some systems use PEX piping. Larger commercial and industrial may use either plastic or copper piping depending upon the nature of the solar collectors and loads being serviced.


Solar Ontario provides maintenance services for its own installations and for many other types of solar heating equipment.

We are familiar with many different models of solar heating equipment - some of which have not been available for many years ie: Norsun/Nortec, Petrosun, Watershed, Solatherm, Solar Tech, Sunglo, etc. Sometimes it is possible to repair or rejuvenate obsolete solar systems, sometimes they are better replaced or removed entirely. (We have had more experience than we like removing obsolete solar systems - we would much rather rehabilitate a system - even if it to serve a different purpose than what it was originally installed to provide.)


Solar Ontario also provides contracted maintenance services. Although solar heating systems normally require very little service, they do require some. Residential pool heating and domestic hot water systems should be checked out every 3-4 years. Collectors should be checked to verify the mounting systems are in perfect shape and piping connections are solid. Controls, sensors and wiring should be inspected to confirm they are in good condition and operating properly. DHW systems should have the fluid(s) volume and condition checked as well.


Solar pool heating collectors most often outlast the shingles of the roofs they are mounted on. We provide the service of disconnecting and removing the collectors so roofers can re-shingle the roof, and then reinstall and reconnect them when the roofers are finished. (We don't recommend roofers be allowed to remove the collectors (and most often they don't want to!) - because they prefer to work with hammers, pitchforks and shovels - not the best instruments for handling solar collectors!!)

If you have a solar system that requires maintenance,
by email. Let us know as much about the system as possible - make, date installed, apparent problem. We will arrange for an inspection. Travel costs/expenses may be applicable depending upon the location of the equipment. (see link " Zones of Operation")