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Is it difficult to install?


Is it difficult to install?


No! In most cases the installation is very simple, and could be done by someone with some plumbing skills in less than 2 hours.

Factors that can influence how easily an in-line heat recovery device can be installed are: 1) What type of material is the plumbing stack made of? - Copper, ABS plastic or cast iron? ABS pipe is the most common material used and the easiest to install into. 2) How accessible is the plumbing stack? Ideally the stack is not inside a wall, enclosed by drywall, or otherwise difficult to access. 3) How close is the water heater tank and/or cold water supply line. The closer they are to the plumbing stack, the less time and materials required to complete the installation.

The in-line heat recovery device is connected to the plumbing stack with "Fernco" rubber couplers. If plastic pipe (pex or Kytec) is used on the cold water supply lines, it may not be necessary to do any soldering at all.