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Solar Ontario does its own installation work. We specialize in installing solar pool heating systems and solar domestic water preheating systems. Our installations range from small 3 square metre solar hot water systems to large 400+ square metre pool heating projects - the largest of their type in Canada!

Our installers are well trained and experienced. Mr. McKegney, the president of Solar Ontario, rewrote and re-illustrated the majority of CanSIA's Solar Domestic Hot Water Installation Manual - the manual used for certifiying solar DHW installers. With over 1,200 installations to date, our projects have a proven track record of reliability and durabilitiy.

Solar Ontario's installers are encouraged to achieve their CanSIA SDHW Installer Certification. Most of them have done so or are in the process of doing so. This contrasts with most of our competition that have no certified solar installers on their staff.

Solar outdoor pool heating systems are normally installed using PVC piping which is cut and glued. Domestic water heating systems are often installed using copper piping that is joined using compression fittings or soldered, although some systems use PEX or flexible stainless steel piping. Larger commercial and industrial may use either plastic or copper piping depending upon the nature of the solar collectors and loads being serviced.


 Mildmay Installation

Training that our installers receive:

Experience installing different makes of solar products,

Fall Arrest Training,

Elevated Work Platform Training,

Steep Roof Training,

Fire Fighting Ladder Safety,


Our installers are provided with:

Safety Gear
Fall Arrest Gear

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