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How large a wind power system do I need?


How large a wind power system do I need?


The output from a wind turbine is extremely variable and unpredictable. For this reason it is necessary to use batteries to store excess electricity during periods of high production, so it can be used during periods of low production. Excess production can be turned into heat (if the batteries become fully charged) and used for space or water heating purposes. It is also possible to use the electricity to generate hydrogen - if you have the right equipment. (This process is not very efficient, and hydrogen storage is not a simple task either.)

Wind power systems are normally sized around the load to be serviced by a battery bank. THe battery bank can be sized to provide 1, 2,3 or more days of electricity for a residence. The wind generator will charge this battery bank when the winds permit, and a back-up fueled generator will charge the batteries when the winds cannot.