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First day of Spring 2015

The first day of Spring 2015 - after a nasty Winter. We should count our blessings here in Ontario that we didn't get the Winter weather that the Maritimes received (and still seems to be receiving!).

Solar Ontario is busy gearing up for a busy season designing & installing solar pool heating and solar pool pumping systems. (We have also expanded our solar electric system offerings this year to include solar electric (PV) water heating systems and off-grid / behind the meter solar electric systems.)

The main point of this post is to remind people looking for solar to always be skeptical of the claims made about solar systems by companies. There are individuals & companies promoting solar equipment with flashy websites and using absolute statements (such as the "most trusted name", "best product", "solar truths", “solar experts”, etc.). Frankly, one tip-off I have for a scummy operator is when a small solar company use a great deal of "stock photography" – for example - pictures of happy people around pools, and photos of solar equipment they haven't installed (look for palm trees or European houses). These site are basically just a large advertisement for the product they sell. These sites are often created for the scummy operator by the company whose product they sell and "customized" to make it look like it's the scummy operator's own site.

Lots of glowing testimonials (10 star ratings) grouped in one year is usually only an indication of "purchased testimonials". These testimonials usually are bought from customers by providing a major discount in price to the writer in exchange for a glowing report. One of our competitors did this last year when they switched to a product they had never installed before. Many people who posted these glowing reviews had only just purchased the solar system and had used it for less than a season. These reviews are totally valueless - except for misleading other people!

The owner of Solar Ontario has evaluated many solar pool heating products. His observation is that they all claim to be - the best - most efficient - have the best warranty - last the longest, etc, etc. The latest wrinkle in this parade of lies and misinformation is the claims by one manufacturer to be 10% more efficient than the most efficient solar pool heating product on the market. First - they don't compare themselves to the most efficient product on the market - they leave them off the list of the products they compare - but what they hide away is the fact that the tests used to evaluate the efficiency of the other products are different and older than the test used to evaluate their product. This is a classic and deliberate attempt to mislead and misinform to their advantage - some would call it fraud.