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Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Ontario can recommend the most cost effective and proven solar thermal technology for your solar water heating application. From the pre-heating of potable water to industrial process solar thermal applications, we have the solar specific design and engineering experience that your organization needs.

Solar Ontario recommend the use of flat plate, glazed solar thermal collectors instead of evacuated tubes for heating domestic hot water. This is so for several reasons:

Flat plate glazed collectors deliver hot water more efficiently in the Summer than evacuated tube collectors

  1. Flat plate glazed collectors have a much longer operating history in the field.
  2. Many non-European evacuated tube collectors are of poor quality and are not designed for high performance or long product life.
  3. Flat plate glazed collectors are much less vulnerable to vandalism and breakage because they are glazed with tempered glass, as opposed to annealed glass (tubes).
  4. Flat plate glazed collectors shed snow much faster than evacuated tubes, and as a result often work much better in the Winter than evacuated tube collectors.
  5. Evacuated tubes can much more severe overheating problems and frequently require active cooling if the solar system is even slightly oversized.

Evacuted tube solar collectors have their place - typically for high temperature applications such as supplying steam or for absorbtion air conditioning systems. Unfortuneately, many of the companies retailing these products have little or no technical expertise and simply repeat and embelish what they are told by the manufacturers of the evacuated tubes. Solar Ontario makes its evaluations of solar products by reviewing independent 3rd party tests and reviews.

Solar Ontario specify the most effective and efficient solar thermal solution for your application. Our services are available on a consulting basis and as a design build subcontractor for construction.