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Solar Pool Heating

The #1 use of solar energy in Canada is to heat swimming pools - with tens of thousands of installations over the past 40 years. The technology required to effectively heat a pool works perfectly with the outdoor swimming pool season. A properly sized and installed solar pool heating system can replace the need for a gas heater or heat pump in most outdoor pool applications. 

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Solar Water Heating

The second most common use of solar thermal in Canada is to heat hot water for domestic or commercial uses. This technology works well in Canada but due to our winter season is a supplimentary system so you will still require a conventional gas or electric hot water heating system. A solar hot water heating system will be able to provide 50 % to 60% of your  annual hot water needs. 

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Solar Space Heating 

Solar can be used for space heating in some commercial / industrial circumstances. The best results are achieved when it is built into new construction and the solar heat is used to preheat make-up air requirements. Solar can only provide a portion of the total heating load and a full-sized conventional space heating system will be required.

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Solar Electricity

Solar Ontario provides PV systems for "behind the meter" applications such as solar hot water and solar electric heating systems. We also design & install solar electric power systems for non-profit and charity operations.

Microfit & net metered system in Ajax
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Solar Ontario designs and manufactures a unique line of swimming pool waste heat recovery systems. These robust systems recover between 75 % and 80% of the heat in the pool water being dropped to comply with Ontario's pool operating regulations.

Simple to operate, these systems not only save heat - thereby reducing CO2 emisions, they also can significantly reduce the wastage of water at aquatic facilities.

Pool water waste heat recovery system