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Residential Solar Solutions 2015


Solar Pool Heating

The #2 use of solar energy systems in Canada is to heat swimming pools.  A properly sized and installed solar pool heating system can replace the need for a pool gas heater or heat pump - and displace tonnes of carbon dioxide every year!

Solar Pool
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Solar Water Heating

Another common application of solar energy in Canada is to pre-heat hot water for domestic or commercial uses. This technology works well in Canada, typically designed to
achieve 50% - 60% of your annual hot water needs. 

Note: a new technology that eliminates the need for pumps, heat exchangers, heat transfer fluids and expensive maintenance is now available: Call Us!

PV solar water heater
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Solar Space Heating

Solar Energy can be used to supplement conventional space heating  systems. We recommend solar space heating only be done for new, super energy efficient construction. Retro-fitting a solar heating system may work, but it is most often not cost effective.

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 Solar Electricity (PV)

Solar Ontario designs & install PV solar electric systems for behind the grid applications, such as solar powered pumps and solar electric heating systems (water & air). We also design & install off-grid PV electric systems.

Solar Ontario designs & installs  MircoFIT systems for a select group of private residences, and net-metered PV systems for commercial applications.

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Solar Ontario services and provides maintenance services for many types of solar pool & water heating systems. Our solar technicians are some of the most experienced in the industry. Service and maintenance contracts are also available for our products and installations.

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