Solar Ontario designs, supplies and installs waste heat recovery systems for Municipal and Commercial swimming pool & hot tub applications.

Class A and Class B swimming pools in Ontario are required by pool operation regulations to replace 20 litres of pool water per bather every day - with fresh city water (30 litres a day for spas & hot tubs). Fresh city water is usually very cold compared to the pool water so a large amount of heat must be added to reheat the pool.

Solar Ontario’s Pool Water Waste-Heat Recovery system can capture 75 to 80% of the heat from the water being dumped down the drain and transfer it into the cold city water - thereby saving thousands of dollars a year in fuel that would be required to heat the cold city water.

This process is controlled through an easy-to-use operator interface that is set & forget, saving the operator time and assuring the correct amount of pool water is replaced. This also eliminates wasting water & heat and assures compliance with the Ontario pool water regulations.

Frequently conservation efforts, such as recovering waste heat to preheat water or air, have the fastest paybacks and best "green" benefits of all energy saving projects. Municipal pool heat recovery systems can have very rapid paybacks

Brampton WHR Installation

WHR installation in the City of Brampton 2010




Town of Ajax WHR system

WHR installation in the Town of Ajax 2012

The Pool Water Waste Heat Recovery System operates using a very simple strategy. Warm pool water is drained through a high-efficiency heat exchanger while an equal amount of fresh, cold city water is added to the pool through the heat exchanger in the opposite direction. No pumps are used - just existing line pressures. Flow rates are automatically maintained so no more water is drained than added and vice-versa. There will be no change in the pool water level due to the units operation.

pool water waste heat recovery system


Controller: PLC - fully programmed
Power requirements: 24 v DC - .4 amps peak
                24 v AC - .5 amps peak
Pool water flow rates: 11 - 19 lpm (3 - 5 gpm)
Pressure rating: 1034 Kpa (150 psi)
Maximum incoming water temperature: 50 C (120 F)
Heat exchanger: 316 SS, all wetted parts
System piping: Shd 40 PVC (330 psi rating)
Frame: hot-dipped galvanized steel
Floor footprint: 1m x .5m (40" x 20")


Frame in aluminum, fibreglass
Temperature monitoring: analogue or digital
Energy monitoring


System Capacity: Up to 25,000 litres per day of cold pool make up water, heated on average from 11°C to 28°C. (52°F to 82°F)

Heat Recovery System: The system utilizes a high-efficiency heat exchanger (75% to 80%) to transfer heat from warm pool water being drained, into the cold makeup water entering the pool.

Operator Interface: The bather count is keyed into the PLC controller and the start button is pushed. The systems automatically drains 20 litres of pool water and adds 20 litres of fresh water per bather until the process is complete. This may take several hours and also avoids "cold-shocking" the swimmers using the pool or spa/hot tub.

– Typical energy savings of  1.44 MJ (1360 BTUs) per bather per day.
– On average displaces the generation of 96 grams (.21 lbs) of CO2 per bather per day (by displacing natural gas consumption).
– Pool operator labour time & cost savings due to the set-and-forget automation.
– Pool water savings due to precise control of the make-up water process.
– Assures compliance with Ontario regulations.

Existing Clients:

YMCA of Toronto,

City of Burlington,

City of Mississauga,

City of Brampton,

Town of Markham

Town of Ajax,

City of North Bay