Designing a solar heating system for a swimming pool is much more complicated than it may seem. Swimming pools require a great deal of energy to heat, but they often have several sources of heat, which can compete to heat the pool - and a solar heating system can only heat part of the time, ie: when it's  sunny. Most indoor pool solar heating systems we've seen (designed & installed by others) are significantly oversized, badly designed, and not working. This goes for systems that are being designed and built today, not just those from 25 years ago.

A seasonal, unglazed solar pool heating system on an indoor pool delivers the most rapid return on invested dollars amongst all the various solar energy technologies, while saving many tens of tonnes of carbon per swimming season. Glazed collectors can also be used to heat year-round pools, but at a cost that is four to five times higher, while delivering only up to 75% more energy a year.

Solar Ontario's commercial/municipal clients include; The city of Toronto - four indoor pools & four outdoor pools, the Town of Markham (two indoor pools), the City of Burlington (Canada's largest solar pool heating system), the City of Windsor (three outdoor pools), the Municipality of South Bruce (two outdoor pools), Toronto's Metro Central YMCA, and many others.