To properly size a solar pool heating system, the following are a number of the factors that must be considered.


1.) Desired pool temperature.
2.) Length of swimming season.
3.) Pool shading.
4.) Use of a solar pool cover.
5.) Pool exposure to wind.
6.) Ground water around or near the pool.
7.) Collector shading.
8.) Collector direction.
9.) Collector angle.
10.) Brand of solar collector (they are not all the same).
11.) Size of pool.


Sizing a solar pool heating system to provide ideal results is not a simple matter of saying 'your pool is x big ~ therefore a solar system of x size is required'. Anyone who tells you that it is that simple either does not know what they are doing, or worse - is trying to con you. We recommend that you speak to a solar pool heating specialist at Solar Ontario. If approrpriate, they will arrange a visit to provide a thorough on-site solar feasibiltiy study and quotation.

Note: Solar pool heating systems are always large. Even with the best, most efficient solar collectors in the world, you need at least 50% of the pool's surface area in solar collector area. The factors above determine how much MORE collector area will be required to properly heat the pool!

To get a detailed explaination of how the 11 factors apply, send us an email or call us.

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