Below are blog entries from SolarOntario's President. They represent his views and are not necessarily the views of others at the company.


January 2010: The Ontario Feed In Tariff - Opportunity for some, brick wall for others!

February 2010: Ontarios New Solar Industry

March 2010: PV Buyer Beware

April 2010: Solar Twist on Old Story

May 2010: Getting the Truth Out There

May 2010: Getting the Truth Out There, Part 2

July 2010: Writing on the Wall

July 2010: Writing on the Wall - Part 2

February 2011: Rocky Places

December 2011: More, More I want More!!'

January 2012: FIT to be Tied

February 2012: Jumbo Jets vs Ballons

Spring 2013

August 2013: Fading Fast

September 2013: Solar Opportunity 2013+

February 2014: About Natural Gas Prices

March 2014 - About Natural Gas Prices

May 2014 - Passively Active Solar Heating

January 2015 - Solar and CO2

First Day of Spring 2015

Ontarios Climate Change Action Plan - June 2016