We are now supplying a completely new technology for solar water heating.

Gone are the pumps, heat exchangers, heat transfer fluids, strainers, expansion tanks, back-flow preventers and all of the noise, the leaks, the overheating issues, the freezing issues, the maintenance and costs of keeping the system working. In many cases now only one water tank is needed.

What is so new - so different - so much better? PV powered solar water heating!

It was only a short time ago that we would have scoffed at the idea of using PV to heat water - or anything for that matter. Times have changed now that PV has dropped in cost by so much. Using specially designed inverters that address the constantly changing inductance in a PV panel, it is now possible to deliver 96% of the solar energy that is captured by a PV panel to the water heater. Although the amount of energy captured by a square metre of PV panel is less than that captured by a square metre of thermal solar collector - the efficiency of a PV is pretty much constant and actually gets better as it gets cold outside. Not only that - the cost of a square foot/metre of PV panel is now (December 2016) about a third the cost of a square foot/metre of solar thermal collector.

Solar water heating systems are almost always used as preheaters for conventional gas/electric/oil/etc. or instantaneous water heaters. This is because there will be days with no direct sunshine - and most people want/need a continuous supply of hot water. Solar alone cannot guarantee that, so a backup heater is required. Contact us today to request more information, or to request a quotation.

three solar water heater tank configurations

Simple Solar PV Water Heating System

 Simple Residential Solar Hot Water System


Seasonal PV Cottage Water heating System

 PV Solar Hot Water & Heating for a Seasonal Cottage