PV in Ontario 

In Ontario, within the last 6 years, the economic viability of solar electric systems has gone from having 100+ year paybacks to having 8-11 year paybacks!!

How and why? How - primarily through "largest-in-the-world" subsidies from the Provincial government FIT program, and also due to a glut of solar electric product caused by overproduction around the world. Why - because someone convinced the provincial politicians that we need solar electric power.

Ours is not to question the how's and why's here, but to provide the information on how to take advantage of the programs and get systems properly sized & installed before the subsidy program is substantially modified or cancelled...

If comparing multiple quotes, one of the first gauges of the legitimacy of the quote is the claim of how many Kilowatt hours of electricity is delivered a year per Kilowatt of system installed. In South-central Ontario (GTA, etc.) the best possible performance is 1150 to 1175 kwhrs/kilowatt of DC capacity (for non-tracking panels). Be aware - some companies inflate this number by as much as 25%. (inflating the kwhrs makes the payback look much better) Also, don't be misled by claims about PV solar panels with "higher" efficiencies. It doesn't matter if the panel is more or less efficient - it's a matter of how much sunshine there is, and how many Kilowatts of peak capacity is installed. If the PV panels face away from South or there is shade on the PV panels at some time of the day the preformance will be less than the best possible numbers.

Solar Ontario has done FIT and MicroFit system design & installations, however our primary focus is to supply solar PV power for "behind the grid" or off-grid applications. These include; solar water pumping - especially for swimming pools, solar water heating, solar space heating, solar power systems for cottages and even solar powered cooking. Unfortunately there are no subsidies, tax write-offs or lucrative buy-back programs to support off-grid or electricity conservation equipment. These solar PV systems are cost-effective in many circumstances and do not come encumbered with all of the bureaucracy, delays and extra costs of the FIT program :)

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