Is it legal to have a wind generator within the city limits?


This varies from municipality to municipality. The chances are if you have a small wind turbine on a short tower, and you have a large lot - it will be seen as a hobby item. However if it makes a lot of noise (and even a small turbine can) your neighbours may site you for a noise violation.

Larger wind turbines, 500 watts and up will probably not be allowed for safety reasons. Wind generators are known to fail catastrophically in high winds. Flying parts can be lethal. Certain neighbourhoods have restrictive covenants that forbid the erection of TV antennas - it is doubtful they would allow wind towers.

The 750 kilowatt wind generator in downtown Toronto is a large exception to the rule. However it is not located in a residential area, and operates at a very low RPM, so the noise it creates is very different from the noise created by smaller wind turbines.