How much maintenance is required on a solar PV system?


The amount of regular maintenance required by a PV system is very small, unless you have batteries.

The solar panels themselves should require no maintenance if they are properly installed. (PV panels are very sensitive to shading. NOTHING should even partially shade them 5 hours before and after solar noon.) Debris and bird droppings should be kept off the panels. Normally rain will be sufficient to keep them clean.

Batteries require attention to make sure they are; not being overcharged, undercharged, too hot, too cold, are properly vented, have sufficient electrolyte, etc. Batteries can be a lot of work.

Tracking systems, sometimes used to improve the daily performance of PV panels, will require periodic adjustment and maintenance - they are mechanical systems.

Utilities may require tests be done occasionally on grid-connected inverters, to verify their compliance with utility rules.