Off-Grid CI-Mini-1200H/N

for 240 volt Electric Heating & 120V Pure Sinewave Power



 CyboInverter 1200H/N

Each CyboInverter (CI-Mini-1200H/N) can connect to four solar panels and produce up to 1150W AC to power either the lower heating element of a dual-element electric water heater or deliver up to 1150 watts of pure sinewave electricity to operate 120 volt appliances or lights.

Also - during the day it is not necessary to connect to batteries in order to use electrical output from the Cybo! Batteries can be incorporated into the system and charged by the CyboInverter if electrical power is desired/required after sunset.

Heat & Power CyboInverter No Batteries


 Off-Grid CI-Mini-1200H/N - with Batteries

CyboInverter 1200HN with batteries

The electrical output CyboInverter 1200H/N can easily be doubled by adding a second unit and four more PV modules. To do this you must start with a 1200H/N1 CyboInverter and add a 1200H/N2 CyboInverter. They function in a master/slave configuration. It is recommended that if the intention is to install just one inverter initially and add a second inverter later, the first inverter should be a 1200H/N1.


CyboInverter 120H/N Twin Pack